Lessons from Kenosha

By The Central Committee

Make no mistake Comrades, no justice the United States government is capable of providing would’ve been adequate or appropriate, steeped as it is in the centuries-old oppression and violence of white supremacy. No justice of theirs could’ve been equal to the weight of our loss. The white supremacists in the state cannot provide justice to the victims of white supremacists in the streets. And yet on this day we have been denied even the spectacle, the illusion, of justice. This is a farce endorsed by the highest authorities in the land, the President himself included.

From the moment Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial began we knew what the verdict was. Some have referred to Rittenhouse as a “vigilante,” but we must be clear on exactly what that means. Rittenhouse was nothing less than a voluntary police officer, armed with the authority of white supremacy and protected by its creed. The state, whose only true law is white supremacy, came to his defense with all the means at its disposal – a trial marked from the beginning by blatant bias and manipulation – just as it does for all its chosen executioners. Further still, the constitution guarantees one a trial by a jury of their peers – but what peers must a monster such as Rittenhouse have! Surely, his peers are nothing less than petty bourgeois white supremacists themselves. Justice is not, nor has it ever been, blind. This is the justice of the ruling class.

Make no mistake, we are to blame that Kyle still walks – he should never have been allowed to kill the night of August 25th. Let this be our lesson from Kenosha: the only justice we will ever receive is that which we take for ourselves. And take it we must, with our eyes open, and with expert marksmanship. Not just Rittenhouse, the amateur, but also every last one of his professional colleagues. Shout once again the cry “No Justice, No Peace!” but do so in the knowledge that we must deliver this justice to ourselves, by our own hands.

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