People's Defense of Abortion Rights: A Platform

By The Central Committee

Abortion is More Than a Women's Issue

Although abortion rights do impact the health and safety of women, the abortion ban affects everyone with a uterus, and by extension, all those who have relations with people with uteruses. It is, necessarily, a trans issue. Moreso, access to safe abortions (legal or illegal) is incontrovertibly a class issue: those with class resources will find it as easy as ever to access the necessary care, while those without will be forced into ever more dangerous scenarios. The right to choose when and when not to have a child is fundamental to the creation of a society not bound by patriarchal property relations which bind us to domesticity and to wage slavery.

The Rights We Have Now Are Not Enough

Everywhere around the country, abortion rights have faced limitations, restrictions, and outright criminalization since Roe v Wade was first settled. However, we can accept nothing less than Free Abortion, On Demand. It is an indefensible injustice to force anyone to carry a pregnancy to term, at any time, for any reason, especially if that reason be lack of means to pay for the procedure, or an inability to travel to an abortion provider.

The Democrats Will Not Save Us

The Democratic party has, both now and historically, possessed the Congressional majority necessary to permanently entrench Roe v Wade within the constitution. Despite this fact, they have yet to even attempt to do so. This is because it is within the interests of the Democratic party to use the precarity of abortion rights as a campaigning strategy. They have no interest in securing the right to abortion; they are an apparatus of the bourgeois, and allying with them is a tactical mistake.

Only We Can Secure Our Rights

So long as our rights are in the hands of a state run by and for the bourgeoisie, all of our victories are temporary. "Progressive" regimes are followed by reactionary ones, while the fundamental conditions of the majority are left unchanged if not worsened. Only through the supplantation of bourgeois "democracy" with true proletarian democracy can we ever secure our rights once and for all.

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