Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists

How We Organize

We are a democratic, membership-based organization of socialists in and around Columbus, OH fighting for the revolutionary overthrow of capitalist society and its replacement by socialism.

Anyone who meets the criteria set out in the Membership Requirements can be a member of the organization and take part in setting the direction and political program of CORS.

To carry out our organizing work and cohere the organization as a collective body capable of winning more than is possible as atomized individuals, we have several organizational structures in place.

Elected Leadership Positions

Central Committee

The Central Committee is the elected leadership of CORS as a whole and acts as the Editorial Board for our publication, The Columbus Worker. In the rare case that we must make quick decisions in between our regular organizational meetings, the Central Committee is the body empowered to do so. These comrades are also tasked with facilitating communication both within CORS and between CORS and other organizations.

To ensure democratic accountability, any decision taken by the Central Committee may be appealed at the following meeting of CORS and subject to the majority vote of the general membership. Members of the Central Committee must also be elected on an annual basis and are subject to immediate recall at any time.


The Treasurer oversees the finances for CORS. They are responsible for generating regular financial reports so that all budgetary information is available to the full membership of the organization. The budget is voted on by the full membership of the organization, and the Treasurer's main duty is to carry out those budgetary decisions in a transparent manner.

The Treasurer is held to the same democratic standards as the Central Committee: elections on at least an annual basis, subject to immediate recall.

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator collects membership dues on a monthly basis to give to the Treasurer and keeps track of our organizational membership. They are also a comrade available to help other members figure out how to get involved in organizing or take a step back when needed.

Like the Central Committee and Treasurer, the Membership Coordinator is elected no less frequently than once per year and is subject to immediate recall.